Origin of the Name
Detail of the 3rd century AD
Bikini Girls mosaic, one of many
in the Villa Romana del Casale in Sicily.

The name Mosaico originates from the idea that excellence in political and economic analysis is achieved from appropriate organization of innumerable elements of information (a mosaic’s components) — arising from many different, specifically qualified sources — into a single harmonic whole (the final mosaic), which is attractive and easy to understand. Where others see fragmented parts, our client sees the whole.

The Latin word musaicum evoked the "muses": in ancient times mosaics were often dedicated to them. Mosaico’s work is inspired by two of today’s more secular muses ('economics and politics’) but it is our clients that receive the dedication, and the benefit from the results.

Another factor choosing the name was an association of the concept with democracy: a mosaic’s tiny elements are called tessera, the name of wooden tokens used in ancient Rome for voting.

There is also a reference to today’s information society, recalling the revolutionary software, called Mosaico, which popularized the internet as a source of information to millions of people worldwide.

Mosaico Political Economy

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